Day: June 29, 2018

See a BIG Heart — And Get Lots of Help Keeping Yours Healthy — at 2018 Community Heart Fair

The audience was invited to Heartbeat in 2018 – Intermountain’s Medical Center Heart Institute at the Community Hearing Fair – Saturday, February 3rd at 9:00 to 13:00. at Intermountain Medical Center at Murray.

Heartbeat 2018 is the greatest heart attack in the Intermountain West, and offers the community the opportunity to learn more about her heartache by responding to one of the best cardiologist experts. The entry is free (and cholesterol checking is only $ 8).

Why does the heart sound healthy?

Her disease is the first cause of death in the United States for men and women.
Cardiologist freedom achieves more quality of life than any form of cancer.
The coronary artery is the general type of heart disease, which is almost totaling 380,000 people.
In the USA, every heart invites every 34 seconds.
Every 60 seconds, a person in the US will die of events with heart disease.

One of the first features of the show is MEGA Heart Infusion, the largest portable translucent heart of the world. MEGA Heart offers a high level of interactive education that promotes the awareness of the first American gateway: heart disease.

You can go to the human heart, learn about cardiological challenges, observed examples of different types of heart diseases, and look at some of the latest medical treatments for heart problems. The MEGA heart is about 13 feet and 15 meters long is 26 meters long.

In this case you can find out about cardiovascular disease, endocarditis and ventricular septal defect, mitral ventricular prolapse and thrombus. External knowledge of heart attacks, coronary arteries, coronary arteries and coronary esters.

“This is a good chance that people get a first reminder when they are heart disease,” says Donald Lappe, Doctor of Cardiology, at the Intermountain Medical Institute Heart Center. “We invite everyone to benefit from these free forecasts and improve the healthcare facility.”

Other activities and events at Heart Fair:

Enter an estimate for the risk of heart disease. Depending on the results and the risk factors, you can apply for the eagle on the Community Heart Fair.
Cholesterol and lipid esters. New Year’s Eve: Cholesterol and Lipid Testing is for all adults at a reduced price of $ 8 for cash, credit cards and checks. Matkritt.

Fun for kids. Bring your kids to the fun zone, after being designed with new activities and more space. Look through a microscope at the heart of a play and play a life game. The children can also visit the Murray City Fire Wreck and Emergency Chase in a good look at the Intermountain Life Flight Helicopter (when reproduced).

Free Family Media. Bring your whole family and a photo for free photo on our Photo Room.

Heart of a good tavern. Learn how to save a simple and deliberate heartbeat at Intermountain Healthcare Chef demonstrations.

Smart apps for smartphone. Stick on your smartphone? Give your handheld to work in the heart by using our course on healthy apps. We help you download and start with the best of them.

Deep Deep. Do you know what a valve holds? Do you understand the core of electrical system? Deep diving with one of our clinics and know your heart.

Petterapi. Relax in a mutation with their team support animal treatment and their careers more from intermountain therapy animals.

CPR – demonstration. Do you know how to save a life? Get to know the latest techniques at this stage of CPR, and be prepared to take care of emergency situations at home or community.

Intermountain Medical Institute Heart Center is one of the main characters of the city’s shopping malls, and more than a dozen dose of specialties known as the heart of a specialist, including artificial heart / mechanical support, fraud arrhythmias, heart failure, structural heart disease and heart surgery.